Stories of the leaves!

My tree didn't tell me I had to fall someday. I couldn't ask him when I did. I didn't ask the wind where it was taking me while she did. I didn't tell the kid who took me to a park that he can find no canopy without leaves. My tree didn't tell me how much he missed me. Yet, all of us understand everything unsaid, when the time comes, there's this music about it! 
If we were leaves dwelling on the same tree, fragile, curious to see the world beyond the green, we'd go with the wind, won't we?! And we'd all be at different places, and without our realizing, our "here" would become my "here" and your "there"! But, if the wind would do that to us, I know, we'd all meet again. Because when does the wind stop blowing?! All we have to do is, remember how we came, and go with it again! 

Carpe Diem! 

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