Isn't poetry just another excuse to know we're not alone?! 
That the complicated emotions that we get entangled with, 
don't entangle us alone, but everyone in this Universe who has a heart and a soul?  


I'm glad, you showed up for this little date! 
Make yourself feel home, and if and when you read a piece of my poetry, do lemme know how it made you feel! And if it really could strike a chord with you! Always glad to hear! 

Carpe Diem! 


Do we need maps to really navigate through the realms of our own selves?


Why can’t the breath know when it’s going to leave?! The only certainty we are aware of is this fact!

Darkness overcome

Is it nightfall or darkness we are afraid of?!

Stockholm Syndrome

What happens in a world where all you have to do to prevail is pretend? Pretend to be something more than a human?

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