Darkness Overcome!

By Rachita Panda

The sky grew as atramentous as ink.
It was the beginning of nightfall, not darkness.
Don't let darkness invade your beautiful sky,
don't let it steal your moon,
don't let it erase the infinity of your stars,
for the light has the control over it,
for as long as you see the light in the dark.
The darkest night can be the most beautifully crafted one,
the darkest day can be the revelator of your true soul,
the darkest sky can yield the most soothing showers,
that can take your unfathomable grief away.

Inevitability of affliction can't shroud the invincibility of happiness. 
Your heartache can't prevent your strings from resurrecting themselves.
When in dark, don't question the existence of darkness;
seek the veritable hope hidden in it.

Sorrow, pain, shall be conquered.
Tears shall be shed.
But, you shall stand straight,
tested by the enchantments of darkness, yet strong. 

Sometimes, the truth lies beneath our lies-shattered, yet invincible.
Find it! 
Embrace the myriad shades of life,
not sinking beneath your anguish.
For, you are mortal, yet invincible! 

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