Depends on the time you call!

On so many days, I’m a designer:
Busy designing my life.
Adding lavender on my walls,
Painting my Canvas with the hues, sunset is made of,
Sprinkling some glitter on the shades of blue to make them look brighter.
On some days, I’m the unhappy customer of a furniture shop.
That keeps choosing furniture for her home but nothing seems as appealing to her so she leaves the store with a shrunken face.
Of course, what furniture will really save a house without a happy soul?!
On some days, I’m a window shopper.
I keep adding accessories to my basket till it’s full, but leave it all at the mall’s glass doors.
Because man, I’m broke.
On some days, I’m a carpenter, trying to fix the cracks and crevices that have made home in the shaky floor of my life.
Can you show me some light?!
On other days, I’m an electrician, who’s busy dealing with clumsy brain circuits with gloomy instrumentals.
I spend days being a plumber because life keeps bursting my pipes and tubes and my faucets keep failing me when there’s a drought, God, I’m waiting to pass out.
And on some days, I am a pilot trying to fly an already crashing airplane, “any time now”, I say
“Boom” come the teary fireworks and wrecked metal is all that stays.
On some days, I repair my planes and floors and wardrobes and brain;
On other days, I can barely care to care;
And on some days, I can hardly fix something,
and on yet other days, I’m high on gratitude’s gin!
And I didn’t know owning a body would make me do all of these things.
Mom didn’t tell me I had to be all of them even if I chose to be something else.
And I wonder what it would be to be one thing when you’re meant to be a million things?!
Because on some days, I do wake up to do what I exactly will.
And yet things fall back together and keep falling apart.
At the end of the day, I’m just a voyager in pursuit of both something and nothing.
I’m the fall, I’m the winter, I’m the rain, I’m the summer.
It all depends on the time you call!


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