So, folks, have you ever felt you’ve got your whole life sorted out for three whole hours before coming back to reality?! Guess, you must have! And have your fallen into this trap more than um, what, half a thousand times at least?! Because hey, the present isn’t going that well, but I have figured out the future! Remember girls, as kids, you wanted to go to Disney Land so badly and so you told your parents and then they told you, “Okay, we’ll go when you take us, coz it’s abroad and going for a foreign trip’s not really our priority at the moment, honey” And you said, “When I grow up, I’ll have all the time in the world and all the money in the world and no one’s gonna stop me and my parents from meeting Cinderella!” Duh! Boys, do you remember showing pictures of sports bikes and cars to everyone who pays a visit to your place and saying, “I’m gonna get this for myself! You’ll see!” And then, all of a sudden, one day, after twenty years, you come to the realisation that your growth has been significant enough to be noticed and but twenty years have passed and you still have no idea how Cinderella looks in real and no funds to get a race car! Ugh! It’s only obvious that we love to cling on to the future because we don’t know it at all. So, we hope it’s gonna be brilliant. But, again, it’s easier to do so when you’re a kid. Because then, your whole life depended on the future and it didn’t hurt! But by our early twenties, most of us, would have seen, experienced a significant share of the world and life! Not so significant as to be confident about tasting that scary looking sweet corn dish, but yeah! Or maybe really significant, I don’t know a thing about most people’s lives, so who am I to say?! And now, clinging on to the future should seem foolish! Maybe it doesn’t for you, again, but for me, it absolutely sounds foolish! Because as a fifteen year old girl, when conjuring up theories was so delightful and harmless, I do remember having a strong faith in my plan for my life. And now, I’m twenty one and I see how naive I was then. The truth, as of now, for me, is, that, life truly is unpredictable and change is inevitable and you can’t escape this truth. And if you’re looking for some hopeful words from me saying that we can bend mountains and everything will turn out to be according to our plan, I’m sorry, because I’m not gonna say it. Because I don’t know, if the future is gonna be better or worse than the present! I’m confused. I’m as confused as anyone else in the room is. If not less, more. Then, you might ask me, why write about it at all?! What’s the point?! But, that’s the point, that there doesn’t need to be any point. There doesn’t need to be a moral, some stories are just meant for our observations. So, I write because it helps me liberate my soul from the sheer weight of my thoughts that would otherwise eat up all my neurons. They really belong to the paper and ink, they can’t just stay inside, if they do, they truly bring a hurricane in my head. And I write because it’s my coping mechanism! And if you’re reading this, you’d have guessed, I also write to know if people feel how I feel! If what I’m feeling is okay or not because hey, I am as confused as a kid who’s bad with directions! (FYI, I’m that kid too! I terribly suck at directions!) And, I’m learning to be okay with not knowing. I’m learning to be okay with the fact that life is more variables and less constants when it comes to truths! What you feel to be true now, might not be in the future! And I’m learning to be okay with the fact that everything is not gonna go my way. And that should never be a reason to do or not do something. And I’m also learning to be okay with not being able to cling on to the future. There’s more benefit in clinging on to your good habits in the present and making little amendments here and there every day, or constantly if not every day! And I’m learning to be okay with the fact that happiness is not something you get, it truly is something that your create for yourself! And maybe, figuring that out, is the hardest struggle! And that’s all that you’re gonna get today, from Rachita’s bottle of musings! See ya soon! Till then and always, Carpe Diem! ✨

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