One more heartbreak song!

“Boundaries don’t keep other people out, they fence you in”

Meredith Grey (Grey’s Anatomy)
The questions: 
Tell me why you remind me of so many people at the same time?!
Why, dear, do you remind me of both kindness and cruelty?!
Why do you conceal your happiness behind an indifferent face, and why do you hide your agony behind that smile?!
Why do you not dance in the rain with me, why do the puddles bother you so much?!
Why do you not tell me what lies in that heavy heart of yours, what fears, how many of them?!
Why don't you show me the places that have left scars on your soul, maybe, maybe I could hold your hand when we go there?!
Why do you tell me to let you be when things fall apart, why can't you let me make them right with you?!
Why can't you tell me who broke your heart, why, my dear, don't you let me mend it?!
Why can't you let me inside your fence, why do you think your home can be your alone?!
Tell me why you remind me of so many people at the same time?!

The answer:
For when your heart breaks once, barricades are installed, the lights are turned off so no one pays attention,darkness makes you feel comfortable. And the inside seems to be a mess, with every broken piece of your favorite artwork lying on the floor. You have all the pieces, but they don't fit anymore! You try, but they just don't fit. You open the windows only to smell the petrichor in the rain but even that reminds you of your heartache. So, you shut them again. You don't open the doors for no one ever could make it to your door ever since your heart crumbled, like the letter that never made its way to the post office. You have a shower to not feel your own dried tears. And, yes, you really fence yourself in.

But maybe one day, when your true lover sets foot on the lively meadows just outside your fence, the day he becomes your true beloved, you'd get up, to open the door, cross your fence and maybe push it further to make some place for him.

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