Always a near escape!

“As long as we don’t die, it’s gonna be one hell of a story!”

John Green

Looking at the title of this blog post must have given you an impression of something really serious, something that probably changes one’s life forever, but people, my apologies, it ain’t anything like that! But, don’t we often fail to observe little things that we have all felt, have faced but, never have appreciated enough?! Maybe most of us start thinking about good times when times are not the same, but isn’t it unfair?! Don’t seemingly insignificant moments have way more significance than we thought?!

Ever heard of this syndrome called failure to control laughter syndrome?! If not, I’m not surprised because I happen to have just typed it in! But, I am so sure of the fact that every one of you, knows what I’m talking about and if you’re a patient suffering from this, as I am, would feel me, really!

So, this fine day, when I and my friends finally dragged ourselves out of our dormitory rooms, into the classroom, after a good little vacation, we found our hearts experiencing what is called tachycardia! (To show off my trivial medical vocabulary!) We got seated in a row a little ahead of the last row, (of course we’d have chosen the very last if some of our teachers wouldn’t be sitting there!) settled down, opened our books and looked as if we remembered everything, but why would we be experiencing tachycardia if we did?! (Only we knew we’re good at pretending and now you do too, you see!)
God, that feeling! When you don’t look at the teacher in the fear that she would choose you, (and you!) over all others for answering a question, whose answer you’re entirely unsure of! You exchange glances, all of your faces a little pale and your smiles- awkward, your eyes, unsure of what to rest at, trying hard to avoid contact with those of your teachers! And then the moment arrives, the second of utter importance when the students are chosen and you pray to God, “Oh dear God, I’ll start being consistent from today, I’ll start studying tonight, I’ll be sincere, but please be my saviour today, don’t let them take my roll number, may they not call me, I’d be better, for sure the next time!” And it passes and you escape, you get lucky, and you sigh!
It’s not just relief, it’s ecstasy, and you forget you’re in a class! And your eyes meet with your friends’ eyes and all of you start laughing, at your fate, and at yourselves and (really shamelessly! How non empathetic!) at your batchmates who are now being bombarded with questions because they’re a little unfortunate! And you can’t resist but you need to, but when you try resisting your laughter, your friend laughs and when your friend tries to not, you do and she laughs along! And if it were just two people, maybe it could have been easier to stop, but God, there are seven of you! And so, you and your friends are delightfully insufferable to each other and all of you are in great trouble because the teachers are sitting right behind you, but that’s what you thought so! You get lucky again, the teachers are busy chit chatting and you don’t matter at the moment!
This condition always precipitates when you least want it to, when you’re so near getting into trouble that your laughter feels like a curse, really! But then, is it ever?!

As we walk through the woods of life, we must all learn to feel, to appreciate the warmth of the timid sunshine that makes its way through the dense canopy of trees to touch us! If we keep paying attention to just the path that lies ahead, don’t look around, how can we really meet things that make their way to come to us?!

P. S: For my future readers, when you run a background check on me, before meeting me as a Doctor, don’t feel nervous or scared, I’m just a student now, trying, failing, having fun and messing around! I’m a hopeless optimist who believes she’d be the best she could be eventually and every day! The least I’d do is give you a good referral! 😜

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    1. Human is very delicate, it is given with almost 95 percent of its requirement through environment through sun, earth,water etc. Human donot realise it, but to reach out for balance 5 percent which is lying ahead,it is focusing without appreciating for 95 percent. Keep appreciating. Very good.

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